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Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Citizen Action Network Director

Scott Roberts, the Citizen Action Network Director at the Freedom Foundation, is experienced at organizing grassroots activist and building effective coalitions. Prior to joining the Freedom Foundation, Scott was a small business owner for 15 years during which he built expertise in residential land development and represented clients throughout the Puget Sound region.

Scott’s own experiences with local governments drew him into politics. He understands first-hand the frustration citizens have with their government—and, more importantly, how they can effectively ignite positive change. Scott has been active in politics for over 10 years. During that time, he has built numerous coalitions on a variety of environmental policy issues including People for Responsible Environmental Policy (PREP), which united 600 people to successfully stop a critical areas update in Thurston County.

Scott was the Property Rights Director at the Freedom Foundation from December 2009–December 2011. He built Stop Taking Our Property (S.T.O.P.) Thurston County to find common sense solutions to managing the Mazama Pocket Gopher and relieving private property owners from harmful regulations. Looking forward, Scott is using his experience to equip citizens who are motivated to take action and make substantial change in their own communities.

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