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Property Rights

Property Rights

Property rights are intertwined with all other human rights. From works of art to loaves of bread, people produce the things because they are able to own and use resources.

Government exists to protect rights, including the rights to own and use property. Yet power corrupts, and government grasps for more and more control. One of the most powerful ways to increase that control is to extend it to the land we live on.

The Freedom Foundation stands up for property rights and property owners in Washington State. Most powerfully, we empower property owners themselves to build coalitions, confront local governments, and--often--win.

One example of this was an attempt to restrict waterfowl hunting across a broad swath of Thurston County. We helped the Washington State Waterfowler Association, together with other hunters and local land owners, to stand up to the County. Ultimately, officials backed down in the face of massive public outcry.

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