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The Freedom Update - Episode 59

February 20, 2015

This week on The Freedom Update: dilapidated buildings in downtown Olympia bear silent witness to the union protection racket, enemies of limited, accountable government curse the Freedom Foundation, and the Freedom Foundation crashes a public union rally at the Capitol.

Liberty Live

Blighted Olympia Buildings Bear Silent Witness to the Union Protection Racket

February 18, 2015

I pass through town every day to and from the Freedom Foundation, and I’ve watched as these historic buildings have become magnets for the homeless, a haven for drug sales and a canvas for the city’s many graffiti “artists.” Consequently, I was shocked — but pleasantly so — when city officials recently voted to demolish two of these dilapidated structures.

Liberty Live

Electronic Monitoring Reform Heard in the Senate

February 17, 2015

We have made recommendation to the Legislature to write laws that make the practice of ignoring ankle bracelet alerts illegal and to make monitoring agencies and private companies accountable for keeping track of defendants.