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The Freedom Update - Episode 62

The Freedom Update - Episode 62

March 13, 2015

Hi, and welcome to The Freedom Update.

The Freedom Foundation is continuing its streak of success in this year's legislative session. Two Freedom Foundation union reform bills, SB 5226 and SB 5854, this week passed out of the Senate. Both bills relate to union transparency and the taxpayers right to know how their money is being spent. HB 1943, which was inspired by a Freedom Foundation report in 2013 about the shortcomings of electronic home monitoring, passed out of the house this week, as well. And finally, King 5 News has reported that two Senate bills pertaining to state pension reform will receive a hearing next week. Our work on exposing taxpayer-subsidized pensions for employees convicted of various crimes led to a King 5 Investigative Report and the subsequent introduction of these two bills.

We did it again. We beat SEIU in court last week in a case related to our public records requests, making this the third legal victory over SEIU to date. Last October, the Freedom Foundation requested a list of family child care providers from the Washington Department of Early Learning (or DEL). DEL provided us the list of providers, however, as soon as SEIU 925 learned of this, they sued DEL and the Freedom Foundation in an attempt to prevent the usage of these records. As we've stated numerous times, we only wish to inform these providers of their right to opt out of the union. SEIU made every argument in the book last Friday at the hearing, but the court saw through every single one of its arguments and ruled in our favor.

SEIU 925 continually insists that it is only interested in the welfare of the childcare providers it represents, but one Spokane couple is learning the union will go to any lengths to protect its own interest. Shannon and Tim Benn have been routinely obtaining the contact information of other childcare providers in the state in order to send them a newsletter they produce that contains information about possible legislation and ideas on how to combat their dissatisfaction with the Department of Early Learning. However, following the Supreme Court Case, Harris v. Quinn, the union filed an injunction to prevent the continued release of this list. The Benns contacted the Freedom Foundation and we are stepping in to help fight back against this union abuse.

That's all for this week—until next week, I'm David Bramblett, stay informed.

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