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The Freedom Update - Episode 61

The Freedom Update - Episode 61

March 6, 2015

Hi, and welcome to The Freedom Update.

You may have seen last week, a King 5 Investigative Report that was based on work by our Research Analyst Anne Marie Gurney. The report detailed teachers convicted of unspeakable crimes against children still receiving monthly pension payments in prison. Fox News brought a TV crew to our office earlier this week to tape an interview with Anne Marie. This story has now gained national attention. The teachers union has shown little or no compassion for the children abused by teachers. In fact, a union spokesperson said that the Freedom Foundation research is a 'non issue.' 

Well, this is an issue for legislators. This week, Senator Barbara Bailey introduced legislation to require teachers to forfeit a portion of their pension if convicted of a crime. This is a strong, positive action which is the result of the hard work of Freedom Foundation staff to inform the public of government abuse of taxpayers dollars.

This week the Freedom Foundation filed a class-action lawsuit against Governor Jay Inslee and SEIU 925 on behalf of childcare providers in Washington state. Our Foundation believes that child care workers in Washington state should not have to decide between quitting their job and being represented by a union against their will. A labor law expert from Seattle University School of Law said:  “The viability of public sector unions in Washington state is at stake in [the Freedom Foundation] litigation.” No truer words have ever been spoken. 

That's all for this week—until next week, I'm Max Nelsen, stay informed.

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