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The Freedom Update - Episode 55

The Freedom Update - Episode 55

January 23, 2015

Hi, and welcome to The Freedom Update.

The 2015 Washington legislative session is off to a fast start. Our Labor Policy Analyst Max Nelsen and supportive union members have already testified in favor of bills that promote union transparency and worker protection. On Monday the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee will hold a public hearing concerning two bills that address how laws artificially prop up the government union enterprise. You can learn more details on the 2015 legislative session by signing up for our weekly "Freedom at the Capitol" email updates.

The Freedom Foundation is continuing to tell the story of union members who have been wronged by their union. You may remember Kristi Brumfeld, a state whistleblower who was pushed out of her job when her union sided with her corrupt management against her. In the fall of 2014, we launched a series of bus advertisements in Olympia, to help educate the public of the wrong doings of public sector unions. Now, we are launching a new series of billboard advertisements to continue to tell Kristi's story. Be on the lookout for our billboards and help us spread the word by visiting UnionInjustice.com and sharing Kristi's story.

In 2014, chelan residents attempted to gather support for local initiatives to be placed on the ballot. Despite the citizens following all the proper procedures to have the ballots certified, the City of Chelan declared the initiatives invalid, and refused to send them to the ballot. So, the citizens filed a lawsuit against Chelan, but instead of facing the fact that they broke the law, the city is now spending tax payer dollars to drag local supporters of the initiatives through the mud by asking them questions entirely irrelevant to the case. The city cannot distract from the fact that they broke the law for very long. We'll keep you updated as the lawsuit progresses.

That's all for this week—until next week, I'm David Bramblett, stay informed.

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