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The Freedom Update - Episode 54

The Freedom Update - Episode 54

January 16, 2015

Hi, and welcome to The Freedom Update.

Early last year, the Freedom Foundation documented how a local group based out of South Seattle Community College, called the Labor and Education Research Center (LERC), was working with the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) to host a series of workshops advocating against a Right-to-Work law. LERC receives approximately $160,000 a year in state funding to support its ideological agenda. This week, the Freedom Foundation filed three formal complaints against LERC for unregistered lobbying, using state resources for politics and engaging in inappropriate ideological activity. You can read the complaints and see the full report, written by Max Nelsen, here.

The 2015 Washington legislative session began this week, and within only one hour, it was evidently clear things had already become a little testy between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats were the first to strike when they nominated and elected Auburn Republican Sen. Pam Roach to be the body's president pro tempore. Seeing how the Republicans nearly all voted for Democrat Tim Sheldon, it's obvious that the job of presiding over the Senate floor is a responsibility neither party wants. Be sure to check back next week for more updates on the 2015 Legislative Session or sign up for our email updates in the footer below to receive a weekly email recap we are calling "Freedom at the Capitol."

At our FreeWA Tour stop in Bellingham last week, a man going by the name "Gary Gordon" showed up. After being greeted by Freedom Foundation staff, Gary told us he had a parent who was a donor and he wanted to become more involved. It was fairly obvious that Gary was not who he claimed to be. One of our members confirmed our suspicion, when they came forward to warn us that "Gary" had been a provocateur at previous conservative events. Instead of being an interested prospective member, Gary turned out to simply be a union spy attempting to secretly record our meeting. We'll take it as a sign that the unions are scared, and are desperate for any information about us. Lucky for them, we kept our FreeWA Tour stops open to the public, unlike so many of their meetings.

That's all for this week—until next week, I'm David Bramblett, stay informed.

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