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Clallam County Freeholder Candidate's Actions Speak Louder Than Their Words

Clallam County Freeholder Candidate's Actions Speak Louder Than Their Words

October 21, 2014

Three Clallam Charter Commission candidates—Ken Hays, Ted Miller, and Norma Turner claim to support transparency, but when given an opportunity to do so—they have opposed it.  Actions do speak louder than words.
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Three Clallam Freeholder candidates pretend to support transparency but they have a record of supporting government secrecy.

In the six counties in Washington state that have restructured their government as charter counties, every 10 years the voters elect citizens who will review and revise the county charter. Clallam County is in the midst of this process right now.

This is an important job. Good people need to be elected to these positions to ensure the structure of government in their county remains representative of what the local residents want.

In Clallam County, three of the candidates running for these positions claim they're "dedicated to transparent process, open government and being responsive to the community." 

They appear to be running as a slate of candidates on this platform.

However, actions speak louder than words, and the dedication of Sequim City Councilman Ken Hays and Ted Miller to transparency should certainly be questioned since they both voted against making currently secret meetings  between the City of Sequim and the Teamsters more open and transparent to the public.

Instead of voting for transparency, they both voted against it. At the same Sequim City Council meeting, Clallam County resident Norma Turner—another candidate for the Charter Review Commission -- also spoke out and testified against more transparency (see her testimony below):

We all know politicians make promises, and sometimes it's hard to know if those same politicians will actually follow through on the promises they make. However, for these three Charter Review Commission candidates, it is clear that when presented with an opportunity to actually support more government transparency, they voted otherwise

At the Freedom Foundation, we will continue to support more transparency in government—a cause we have tirelessly championed for over 22 years in Washington state.

This is why we are a proud board member of the Washington Coalition for Open Government. We believe our insistence on opening up these types of meetings to the public has made this issue more and more popular among not just the residents of Sequim, Chelan, Shelton and Blaine who signed the petitions demanding a vote on this issue, but also by the editorial boards of the Seattle Times (see this editorial) and The Spokesman Review (see this editorial) The Olympian (read this editorial), among other newspapers in Washington state.

While Sequim City Councilmembers Hays and Miller and Charter Review candidate Norma Turner may be working overtime to keep government actions secret, we believe their views are not good government policy, and we will keep championing transparency in government regardless of how many false promises politicians make.

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