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All Politics Is Local

All Politics Is Local

January 23, 2015

There are more than 8,000 elected officials in Washington who direct public services such as schools, roads, public safety and health. Decisions these elected officials make can have a huge impact on the taxpayers they serve.

Most of these elected officials serve local governments and small political subdivisions.

One of the quickest ways to make change in your own community is to hold a local elected office. Here are three benefits to being a local elected official:

Ladder up.
Campaigning and holding office provides invaluable experience and will give you a new perspective on the political landscape. This experience will prove invaluable when deciding if and when you want to move up the political ladder.

Do something positive now – be the change you want.
It sounds obvious, but the fastest way to make change in your local community is to hold an elected office.

Block your opposition from the same opportunity.
The vast majority of people who hold higher offices such as state legislators or statewide elected officials have served in a local government. Even if you don't desire to move up the political ladder, by holding an office you deny your opposition the same opportunity.

The decision-making period to run for local offices in 2015 is quickly approaching. Filing week is May 11 to 15.

Here are the positions up for election this year. We have listed them by county:

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