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Freedom Daily March 12, 2014 - Host Glen Morgan with Guest Toby Nixon

March 12, 2014

Glen Morgan and guest Toby Nixon discusses the critical importance of the Public Records Act in Washington State for activists and shining the light of truth on state and local government. Toby Nixon is a former state legislator, current Kirkland City Councilman, and President of the Washington Coalition for Open Government.

Freedom Daily

Freedom Daily March 11, 2014 - Host Jami Lund with Guest Jerry Gibbs

March 11, 2014

Schools regularly submit levies for public consideration, and these elections provide an opportunity for local engagement. The effective use of local taxes serves the interests of students, families and taxpayers. Jerry Gibbs of Gig Harbor was instrumental in forming "Citizens for Responsible School Spending" which impacted his local schools. In today's program, Jami and Jerry discuss how speaking out opens doors for local government to make changes and to begin to welcome fiscal responsibility.

Freedom Daily

Freedom Daily March 10, 2014 - Host Jeff Rhodes with Guest Tim Eyman

March 10, 2014

Host Jeff Rhodes and guest Tim Eyman, Washington’s most prolific initiative author, discuss his newest initiative, which would force the Legislature to pass a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority to raise taxes, and an unsuccessful bill that would have gutted the initiative process in Washington state.

Freedom Daily

Freedom Daily March 4, 2014 - Host Dave Roland with Guest Trent England

March 4, 2014

Dave Roland hosted the show, joined by Trent England for a conversation about the Freedom Foundation’s work to advance constitutional principles. The first third of the show explained the role of state constitutions in our federal system and noted that the Freedom Foundation has produced pocket-sized Washington Constitutions and a book about the Washington Bill of Rights that are available for purchase. The next segment included a look at how groups like the Freedom Foundation can take on lawsuits designed to secure Washingtonians’ constitutional rights and use them to establish important precedents in the U.S. Supreme Court. For the final part of the show, Trent and Dave explained Harris v. Quinn, an important case that the U.S. Supreme Court will decide this term, and they asked listeners to contact the Freedom Foundation if the listeners heard of someone whose liberty was being restricted due to union influence.